Debora Smith - Cardea Capital Advisors

Debora Smith

Comptroller, Cardea Capital Advisors

Debora Smith is the Comptroller of Cardea Capital Advisors, LLC. and is based in Atlanta, GA

Debora has worked in finance and accounting for more than 35 years. Her extensive experience allows her to see the basic foundations of the financial needs of Cardea and to build out a structure to the growing firm.

She loves accounting because she sees it as a large puzzle and likes to take the pieces and put them together. Debora has an unflappable, capable demeanor and patiently helps the staff and advisors at Cardea stay organized when it comes to our accounting needs. She always remains calm and prefers to stay behind the scenes making sure that everything that needs to get done, does.

Debora’s greatest passions include her husband, two children, grandchildren and Whiskers, a miniature schnauzer that uses its small stature to protect her whether she needs it or not. Debora and her husband love to travel and trying new restaurants. Her top Atlanta staple is Houston’s but she is always glad to try any new food and loves seafood. She also loves listening to live jazz and is thrilled when she finds restaurants with both.

Debora’s favorite quote is one she says all the time and most people would say defines her worldview, “Keep it moving.”

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