Ahad Merchant - Cardea Capital Advisors

Ahad Merchant

Director of Mergers & Acquisitions

Based in Germany, Ahad is the group’s M&A Director and is responsible for all activities of the M&A department, keeping up with industry best practices, and maintaining a high-performance level and success rate of every M&A transaction for the business.

Ahad is the leader for the group’s M&A activities and is instrumental in driving key acquisitions in around the world. He is focused on delivering value to the business through integration readiness assessments, developing integration strategies which are integral part of the group’s strategy. Ahad works closely with the Executive Team to develop the long-term strategy and growth plans for the Regional Business teams.

Prior to joining Cardea, Ahad has worked in several different M&A roles across the world. He is armed with a wealth of experience having previously worked at KPMG, Viacom, Hyve Group and most recently at Lexis Nexis.

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