At Cardea, it’s our values that bring us together. It’s what helps us invest successfully and responsibly. And it’s something we’ll always stand by.

Over the years, strategic acquisitions have allowed us to provide a platform for our wealth advisors to give the best possible service to our clients.

As a diverse, diligent and deeply experienced group of experts who serve as partners — we’re here to you help you get the most out of your assets.

But this never comes at the cost of our fiduciary responsibility. Everything we do begins and ends in our core values: integrity and transparency.

It’s why our clients trust us.

Our Aim

Our mission is simple: to be the leading next-generation wealth and asset manager by providing a trusted, cross-border infrastructure to support institutions, individuals and families with their investment decisions.

We believe that everyone should be empowered with the ability to access, manage and trade their assets in real-time. And above all, we believe in making your wealth work harder.

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Our Offering

Cardea offers bespoke wealth advisory and asset management solutions for families, advisors and clients.

We take care of what’s in our control — the investment and operational risk management of our client’s portfolios. Think strategy, exposure, and macro risks — both private and public. Plus the operational aspects of investing and managing family affairs.

Find out more about what we do — and how we do it.

Our services